First of all, you need to register yourself up to be eligible to play games on our website.

This sign up button is in the header section to the right.

After your registration you need to go to tournament section and select the game you want to play. There are three platforms Mobile, PC, CONSOLE to play on.

Select the platform you want to play on. Then go and select the game you want to play.

The matches will be scheduled according to the Date & Time, select the one which is preferable to you.

After enrolling yourself in the game you will get a notification about the tournament details In the notification segment of the website.

If it is a team game you need to create a team in your profile for that specific game.

In the header section you have MY PROFILE option in it you can create a team within it for the specific game. There is a unique code for your team if you send request to any player or player send request to you for joining the team should have the unique code.

In the Matches segment you can check the schedule of the matches and the opponent player.