Redmi k20 pro launch by The alpha flagship gaming phone

The XIAOMI Redmi K20 Pro created lots of excitement in the gaming community with its launch.

In order to give real time, experience we thought of creating an event “Play With The Alpha “in which people can experience K20 pro in real gaming scenario.

Objective was clear to show the power of K20 pro to the most relevant TG and mesmerize them with really world experience on the phone.

So, we specially curated and crafted Esport arena with required gaming infrastructure & technology, collaborated with the best agency who would design and deliver on the expectation of demonstrating the power of K20 Pro.

With that in mind we design the event. We invited top gamer of city along with MI enthusiast, MI fans & MI business partner to play with alpha the K20 Pro and experience the true value and fast gaming feature.

Simple but effective setup was created for 4X4 Battle Royal, MOBA and FPS several scenario were crafted base not he game play & clear performance of K20 pro was highlighted which resulted in better gaming experience for them.

Caster also highlighted feature of K20 pro and how it was supporting & enhancing the gaming experience which most of the time resulted in advantage of the gamer using the K 20 Pro over other products.

This experience was very well received with Mi fans, Gaming community of Ahmedabad, and our Business partner more then 45 rounds had been played with close to 200 registration who real time experienced the K20 Pro in a gaming scenario.

It was a very well-conceived and thought idea by the local Xiaomi team. Well experience and young enthusiasts’ partners who made it possible 

People expressed love and excitement over several interviews and chats where people described their experience of the phone. People loved the smartphone and reviewed it to be the best smartphone in the market.

Overall it was an energetic and powerful event which was entertaining and brought the gaming community of Ahmedabad, MI fans & Enthusiast together at one place to experience the phone.